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Much stuffing.

*sorts ALL the buttons*

Tiny eye for a tiny candy pony

Tiny eye for a tiny candy pony


how to deal with anxiety too well

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cause of death: too shy to call ambulance

Didn’t want to inconvenience anyone

Someone else might have needed it more

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 Reasons why kids cry..


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After seeing this adorable tiny Twilight I had a MIGHTY NEED to make a micro Derpy.

She’s actually a beanie with pellets and everything so she’s a bit floppy. :3 Oh and handsewn, machine embroidered, Shannon Minky, etc. She’s a little over 4in long including her tail. 

You can see her on my hand and sewing machine for reference pictures…I couldn’t resist taking pictures of micro Derpy with this bigger Derpy (which was a commission).

Micro Derpy is in my shop…go here to buy her :3
Or Here if you prefer Etsy.

The squee has been quadrupled

Admire her cuteness!  (I forgot to post this here…oops)

Tiny Twilight

Flutterbat is still up for sale on ebay!

Shiny goomy plushie!

work in progress number two :3